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What is WP Engine and What Makes It Great for Growing Businesses Online Wp Engine Valuation

wp engine logo.JPG Amidst the preferred names when it comes to hosting services is WP Engine. The web host is specifically supporting and working for WordPress sites. This is best for those who are looking forward to managing their sites better and utilize powerful features that’ll increase the overall performance of their websites.

What Does WP Engine Do?

wp engine 1.JPG There are many things I like about WP Engine besides the fact that they provide optimized and fully-manageable WordPress hosting. Another impressive feature I love about this is the powerful overall architecture that is specifically built to deliver amazing speed. It comes with a good deal of features that you ‘d need that makes it a worthy option for its price.

Technically speaking, its main goal is to deal with 3 main problems that most consumers encounter or experience when using WordPress sites. These difficulties are popularly known as 3 S’s or Scalability, Speed, and Security. Wp Engine Valuation

Why Opt for WP Engine?

I won’t deny the fact that the first thing I noticed about WP Engine is the cost. Regardless of the different available packages, it’s inconceivable to ignore that they really have expensive packages for their services. However, despite the prices, you might ask why I still gave this web host service a try and why it seems like everybody is talking about it.

Basically, the answer is mainly because of its features and of course, the benefits that come along with these. There are a few exceptional things that I noticed about this service and some of these are the following:

1. The admin area lets you control everything comfortably.

As you sign up and set up your account, you’ll be directed to the admin area. It offers you the ease of testing out everything you want for your site before going live or test things first before using it on your live website by making a staging area. Wp Engine Valuation

Now, the main problem of most beginners in this field is the fact that it seems like it takes a long time to get the right feel for their website. At times, they end up changing one character or leaving an important character off from time to time until they get what they want. Small tweaks and forgetting certain characters can actually affect how your website runs especially if it is already up and running.

This is a difficult detail for most website owners, but WP Engine makes it easier on your part. What it permits you to do is to use the staging area and lets you test different themes, designs, and even codes without affecting your live website.

You get to evaluate everything on a copy of your website and when you finally get what you want, you can simply move them to your live website and you’re all done. This basically saves you a lot of time and effort in doing things repeatedly and affect how your site looks and performs while you’re making changes. Wp Engine Valuation

2. No need for another caching plugin.

Most website owners would often use a caching plugin to ensure that they can keep track of everything. You’ve probably heard or even used W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, but you ‘d definitely agree with me when I say that these plugins are a bit tricky to tweak. However, with the WP Engine, you will no longer have to look for one as it can cache everything on autopilot.

3. Indisputable website loading speed

Another reason why you should use WP Engine is the fact that it delivers. Testing a site’s speed under this web host, I can say that the average 10-second loading speed of a site can actually decrease to approximately 4 seconds. Now, who wouldn’t want that for their website, right? Check out what most site visitors have to say about this benefit: Wp Engine Valuation

wp engine 2.JPG

4. Robust security functions

Among the biggest fears, any webmasters can face is hacking. One triumphant attack can cause huge monetary and traffic loss, especially to a busy website. This is the major reason why well-liked and huge websites spend a lot of their time and resources on protection or security alone.

Most owners of WordPress sites encounter are automated attacks where hackers would attempt to get the username as well as the password of the admin account. Once they gain access to these details, they can simply wreak havoc. To prevent these issues from happening two of the best things you can do are daily backups and usage of the right security plugins. These two are both provided in WP Engine, thus, delivering an exceptional security level for your website.

5. Outstanding Scalability Wp Engine Valuation

The pricing structure for WP Engine depends mainly on the monthly visits of your website. For a minimum of 25,000 visits monthly, you can get the most affordable pricing package of $35.

For a short example of what scalability is, let’s say your blog post was featured on a popular site. This will result in the number of visitors increasing in no time and would definitely reach higher numbers than what you usually get. In cases like these, there is a great chance that you’re site will go offline especially when you’re using VPS server or shared hosting.

With shared hosting, you’re provided with a limited amount of resources to be used for managing your website. This is the main reason why websites have little tolerance on such occasions when under shared hosting.

Get to know their latest pricing and inclusions below:

wp engine price list.JPG

6. Exceptional customer support

Aside from all the remarkable features that this web host has to offer, one of the important things that make it stand out is its great customer support that every user can get. I feel like it’s what makes the service really expensive, but it’s well worth it. You’re provided with amazing people to provide support with your every need, thus, making the entire experience incredible as well. Wp Engine Valuation

Comparing Popular Hosting Services to WP Engine

Searching online, there are many hosting service alternatives that you can try aside from WP Engine. You’ve possibly heard, used, or currently using any of these hosting services. However, can these alternatives have what it takes to compete with WP Engine? Let’s find out below:

  1. Hostgator


Among the most popular hosting services that anyone knows is Hostgator. The plans they offer starts for as low as $7.96 to a maximum of $14.36 per month. It comes with basic features fit for starters and can host around 100,000 visitors every month. They also have a 24/7 live support and tutorial for beginners, but nothing beats the real-time answers from customer support of WP Engine. Also, since they lack features that professionals would want, you might end up looking for other alternatives in the long run. Wp Engine Valuation

2. BlueHost

Another popular option is BlueHost which most website owners would recommend. They have been in the business for more than a decade and they won’t be stopping anytime soon. Just like any hosting services, the basic plans have lesser features. This means that you can’t get the best out of the service for a continuously running and protected website unless you get their most expensive package.

3. WPX Hosting (formerly TrafficPlanet Hosting).

wpx hosting.JPG

The hosting service provider is now optimized and currently being offered as a managed hosting service. Its pricing is almost as expensive as WP Engine and this is already for their business monthly package. By far, this is considered as the best competitor that WP Engine can have, but when it comes to ease of using the entire features, the latter can always offer a better experience. Wp Engine Valuation

These are just some of the popular names that you can encounter as you search for WP Engine alternatives. Yes, they have their own set of benefits, but WP Engine always has something better to offer, which makes it a better option than the rest.

Final Verdict

Summarizing the features of WP Engine, it’s indisputable that it is absolutely worth using for hosting WordPress sites. Whether you are just starting with your website or are already designing your online presence, a managed hosting service can be a great way to ensure the security and speed of your website. Wp Engine Valuation

If you know that your website will get medium to a busy load of traffic, this hosting service can be a great help. The high-end security features make your website safe from attackers and free yourself from the ongoing job of taking on your website.

Current Offers

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